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Backup You Life Into A Digital Cloud

Online Backup to CloudCloud-based storage and backup is an increasingly vital tool, particularly with the growing popularity of smart phones and tablet devices.

As the growing trend is to use more portable devices and venture further away from doing work chained to a desk, people are utilizing online storage & backups to keep their data synced and backed up across multiple devices.

Backing up your digital files into the Cloud gives you multiple layers of security. It’s only a matter of time before you experience a hard drive failure with 54% of Adults know of someone or have experienced a  hard drives fail.

Surprisingly it turns out that not many people do a regular backup of their data with only
7% doing a daily backup
14% doing a weekly backup
28% doing a monthly backup

You’d be surprised at how expensive it is to lose your data.

They’ve found that if a business suffers a major data loss:
43% would never open their doors again
51% would close within 2 years and only
6% would survive the event

Combine those two numbers (43% + 51%) and you have a mind boggling 94% never fully recover.

The technology exists these days so you’ll never need to go though anything like that personally.
The best part is its cheap and you don’t need to be an IT expert.


Online backup providers make nearly every file on your device simple to backup & if needed at a later date, download and restore.

Your data is encrypted with the same technology the banks use, so your data is safe.

Once you sign up and download the software to manage your backups you’ll need to perform an initial upload of all your files, which can take a few days (if not a week).

As you setup the service you can choose how often your system backs up. You could choose hourly or twice a day or just daily and set it to upload your files when you’re not using your device.

Now your backup is fully automated and set to work away in the background.

After the initial upload they only save the things you add or change. And instead of overwriting the old files, they track every new version for up to three months; meaning you can restore a presentation to the way it looked an hour ago, or 90 days ago.

Some backup providers even offer a smart phone app for those emergencies that allows you to remotely restore anything you’ve sent into the cloud. So you could be travelling and still gain access to your files. You may need to manually select system files and video files to backup as these tend to be large files and some backup service may exclude them from the automatic backup.

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