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Students Discount Card

Student Discounts

Experience the Saving with a Student Discount Card. You have a limited window of opportunity to benefit from the savings becauce once you graduate, it’s all over. It’s like a majority of the things you need are on Sale for 4 years. What you may not realize is that you can obtain the same...


Is College worth the RISK?

College Graduation

Let’s face it, going to college is a ‘Big Risk’ these days. Did you know that only 24% of students graduate in four years¹. With a whopping 61% of students changing their Major in the second year, adding another 1-2 years before they graduate². That’s a staggering number considering...


Backup You Life Into A Digital Cloud

Cloud-based storage and backup is an increasingly vital tool, particularly with the growing popularity of smart phones and tablet devices. As the growing trend is to use more portable devices and venture further away from doing work chained to a desk, people are utilizing online storage & backups...


It’s Time to Break Fashion’s Oldest Rule

You might say we first fell in love with white leather when we laid eyes on Sloane Peterson’s fringed jacket in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The coolest movie girlfriend in history looked (at the time) so stylish in her jacket, shorts, and knee-high boots. Currently, our white leather obsession...


Eat Smart: A 7-Day Healthy Meal Plan

Eat Healthy: Eating healthy isn’t a necessity, but makes you feel good inside and out. By creating a meal plan, you can incorporate a balanced diet, get rid of trans fats and refined grains/sugars, and start fueling your body with good-for-you foods that will make you feel better than ever! Save Time:...


5 Ingredients of a Get-Skinny Supper

I’m crazy about fall foods. I love apples and squash and most of all I love… chili. I honestly could eat it every day. No exaggeration. In my book, EatingWell’s Zesty Wheat Berry-Black Bean Chili, with a green salad on the side, is not only a perfectly wholesome, yummy dinner—it’s an ideal...

Sex and Relationship

How to balance your relationship with your friendships

You had your own friends before you met your man. So did he. How about now? Have those friendships stayed intact or are they dwindling? Have these other friendships died out completely? Romantic relationships tend to take center stage, but how much is too much?   Boys will be boys, and you’re...


Why does your college kid act that way?

Keep reading for why your college-aged kid is testing the limits and why you may need to change your frame of mind. Remember what it felt like to reach your 18th birthday, or the first time you lived or traveled on your own? To a teenager who has grown up with rules, curfews and obligations to parents,...


Try a boxing boot camp workout at home

Created in collaboration with Striking Beauties, the nation’s first 24-hour boxing gym designed exclusively for women, Boxing Boot Camp ($40, available at Kohl’s, Modell’s and Dick’s in fall 2012) is a maximized interval training workout that includes a cardio-revving jump-rope warmup...